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StairMaster Machines

A pioneer in the fitness equipment industry, StairMaster has provided reliable, effective stair climbers for over 25 years. Self-described as “the workout that your members love to hate,” StairMaster is motivated to continue their tradition of muscle sculpting and life-changing fitness. StairMaster machines promise results, one step at a time.

The StairMaster machine that is generating a lot of buzz is the StepMill 5. Workouts get an energizing and entertaining boost with features offered by this machine. Want to get outside your fitness comfort zone? With the workout programs offered on the most of the StepMill, you can simulate what it would be like to climb the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty or the Taj Mahal right from the comfort of your home gym.

The revolving eight steps of the StepMill 5 operate on an electronically controlled alternator with chain drive. This technology allows the user to precisely control their speed, which gives people of any ability level the chance to get a workout suited to their needs.

The StairMaster, StairClimber, and StepMill are all tools for the next generation of fitness fanatics. With tech-savvy consoles, space-saving design, and a wide arrange of programming options, these exercise machines demonstrate that StairMaster is one brand that can withstand the test of time.