Troy Barbell

Founded in 1987, Troy Barbell has steadily grown to become one of the premier free-weight manufacturers in the fitness industry. Troy Barbell believes in the power of strength training with the humble barbell so much that they made their product their namesake. Barbells are the simplest and most effective tool of free weights, and free weights are generally the least expensive fitness equipment to purchase.

Free weights improve balance and strengthen entire muscle groups. Troy Barbell's free weights force you to use ‘everyday movements’, the same movements you'd make if you were lifting a box or pulling a cart. With free weights, not only would you be getting the most effective workout, you’d also be exercising common muscles groups that you use every day.

In addition to all of the benefits of free-weight training, Troy Barbell weights feature interlocking plates and a polyurethane coating, which are used to prevent the weight plates from hitting each other and chipping or scratching as you work out. Also, the polyurethane coating on Troy Barbells is non-porous, making the weights easier to grip, easier to clean and long lasting. Visit your local Push Pedal Pull store to experience Troy Barbell Weights for yourself.