Wellbeats is for busy bodies who don’t have a minute to spare. 

With Wellbeats you can empower employees, students, residents, members or guests to work out anytime with on-demand streaming in your facility or anywhere with a Wellbeats app.



• 370+ exclusive 1-50 minute classes

• Fitness assessments and goal specific workout plans

• Highly certified, relatable instructors

• Edutainment style coaching addresses users of all levels

• Simple to track use and success

• Affordable, easy to use video streaming



Fitness Facility

In Your Fitness Facility

Wellbeats offers multiple touchscreen displays using the latest technology which can be used alone or easily connected to a TV display. Customers also have the option to purchase or provide their own existing displays for Wellbeats.



Fitness that stretches beyond the gym.

Wellbeats Virtual Fitness is a virtual fitness solution that helps people take control of their health by finding the time, space and passion to work out and love it.



Fitness Facility

The Wellbeats App

Wellbeats App Content Streaming allows people to play fitness classes on their smartphone, iPad, tablet, or computer.



Fitness Facility

Wellbeats: At The Office

Wellbeats can bring a more flexible, inclusive, and dynamic fitness experience to your employees all while providing a more trackable, data-centric wellness option.




Fitness Facility

Wellbeats: On the Go

With Wellbeats app, your organization can give business travelers personalized access to classes from their hotel room or travel destination.



Fitness Facility

Wellbeats: At Home

Companies can extend the Wellbeats app access to employee’s family members. Family friendly programming offers options for any age, life stage or fitness ability.



Fitness Facility

Wellbeats: At College/University

Finding time for workouts can be challenging when balancing classes, jobs, and extra-curricular activities. Wellbeats allows your students, staff, and faculty to work out on their own time.



Ask your PPP representative on how Wellbeats can provide your community access to hundreds of fun, challenging and personalized, goal-based workouts.



Wellbeats Video


Elo - In Room

Elo - In Room Video