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Concept 2 Rowers

Concept 2 is the premier manufacturer of rowing and skiing equipment. Located in Morrisville Vermont in the heart of the Green Mountains, this company was founded by a former Olympian rower and his equally skilled brother. In 1976, after Dick and Pete Dreissigacker completed Olympic training, they began making composite racing oars. They continued designing rowing equipment, and now sell Concept 2, the most popular rowing machines in the world.

These rowers are sleek and effective. Even competitive rowers their equipment as the standard for indoor training. Concept 2 rowers allow the buyer to customize their equipment so that the performance monitor best suits their needs.

Concept 2 also manufactures Skierg, which brings the challenges of Nordic skiing into any home gym. The machine builds strength and endurance by targeting the arms, shoulders, core and legs as they move in a downward “crunch,” using body weight to help move the handles.

Both the Skierg and the impressive Concept 2 line of indoor rowers use flywheel technology, which results in a responsive and adaptive machine, allowing the user to maintain control over the force they exert during the workout. The flywheel technology lets the user feel the difference if they change the stroke used, and also minimizes the hum of the machine.

Concept 2 rowing machines have made rowing accessible to everyone, no matter their physical location, ability level or age. The company states their belief that rowing should be a lifelong activity enjoyed by all. Their machines can be used for training for outdoor rowing or simply to achieve better muscle tone and fitness. Visit your nearest Push Pedal Pull today to try out a Concept 2 rowing machine.