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Expresso Bikes

Stationary Expresso bikes allow you ride and burn calories no matter the weather outside. But wouldn’t it be great if you could capture the thrill of outdoor riding with the practicality of an indoor bike? Now you can, thanks to Expresso.

The revolutionary Expresso exercise bike was created to challenge people to reimagine cardio in high definition. With the Expresso bike, you can experience the outdoors from the comfort of your own home gym. The console features a high definition screen that offers over 40 different rich, visually striking and interactive rides.

While riding the Expresso bike, you will even see your own pacer, who challenges you to maintain a steady and demanding pace. Other riders will come on screen too, to push you to do your very best. You can invite your friends on their Expresso bikes to join you in your experience if you share the same network.

The Expresso Bike also comes equipped with a Ghost which represents your own best personal record. You will start competing against yourself to reach your fitness goals!

Expresso Fitness is combining elements of gaming with exercise to give their users life changing, real world results.