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FreeMotion Fitness

Founded in 1999, FreeMotion was built upon the idea that one-dimensional training doesn’t translate to a three-dimensional world. That’s why FreeMotion machines typically involve twisting, turning, and moving in all planes – which strengthens the core and allows you to work more muscle groups at the same time. FreeMotion Fitness knows what makes a great workout. FreeMotion manufactures ellipticals, treadmills, strength equipment, incline trainers, vibration, striders, indoor and outdoor bikes and more.

When it comes to exciting bells and whistles in exercise equipment, look no further. FreeMotion machines provide some of the most technologically innovative features in their consoles. The FreeMotion c 11.6 Exercise Bike contains a built-in web browser powered by Android and the E11.6 Elliptical Machine has built-in Google Maps® integration. FreeMotion™ Commercial Cardio forever altered the industry standard of consoles with Workout TV™, the first cable-access TV incorporated into the console of the equipment. With these entertainment features, FreeMotion Fitness integrates your workout in the world beyond the machine and keeps you motivated and having fun.

Consider the popular FreeMotion S5.6 Elliptical, which blends the low impact stride of an elliptical with the calorie burn of incline training. The machine also includes Stride Ladder™technology, which allows you to track the progression of your workout and know when you need to kick it up a notch to meet your goals. This machine, and other FreeMotion equipment, offers the technology of integrated speakers, Core Cooling Fan, Custom-designed ERS (Electromagnetic Resistance System) and more. The quality of the S5.6 and other similar equipment demonstrates how FreeMotion puts its reputation behind every sale.