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Inspire Fitness

Inspire Fitness creates self-contained workout centers. Compared to many companies that create machines that do only one exercise, Inspire Fitness' machines are like complete home gyms all packed into a single box. Even their simplest machine, with the exception of the exercycle, can offer more than 20 exercises that target every part of your body.

What makes Inspire Fitness Machines so great? It's the combination of features. The machines are highly customizable. We're not just talking about changing the colors on the pads and straps. Inspire Fitness offers an array of optional additions and pieces for their machines, which can provide an exercise level of light intensity for the elderly to the extreme intensity levels for professional athletes and Olympic training.

Not only does Inspire Fitness machines come with detailed instruction, but they also each come with a graphical demonstration of every exercise along with a recommended list of workouts. Along with making some of the best home gyms on the market, Inspire Fitness is a company that is devoted and dedicated to helping customers reach their fitness goals.