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Equal Access to Fitness

NuStep® transforms lives with the benefits of recumbent crosstraining. Everyone, regardless of age or ability, should have equal access to fitness. For some special populations, there is concern that traditional ellipticals and treadmills may pose too many threats to injuries or setbacks. With this in mind, NuStep is putting the spotlight on a type of elliptical that is helping a wide group of people achieve their exercise goals. Recumbent crosstrainers like NuStep® are eliminating boundaries for people who are injured, elderly, deconditioned or obese while improving their wellness and health.

Ideal for Even the Most Fragile Users

Recumbent crosstrainers shine by helping even the most fragile users achieve an effective low impact cardio workout. A recumbent crosstrainer eases the user into a slightly reclined or relaxed seated position while they pedal their feet (as if they were walking or biking) and simultaneously pump their arms to get a full body workout. This allows a tough workout with minimum joint impact or strain. The individual can adjust the NuStep® machine to suit their needs, increasing resistance or selecting pre-programmed routines to target different muscle groups.

NuStep® is a brand that deserves recognition for their recumbent crosstrainers. NuStep® machines are often found in physical therapy clinics, senior living communities and health and wellness centers.

NuStep® machines are especially beneficial for elderly users or anyone recovering from an injury, users challenged by ailments or chronic conditions and people with physical or mobility disabilities. NuStep® gives these users special considerations when designing their equipment and has engineered for easy movement on and off of the machines, instantaneous action and low inertia startup.

NuStep®: Featured on Television

Recently NuStep® announced that their top-of-the-line T5xr would be added to the home gyms of each of the participants of ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition” to help contestants meet their goal of losing half their bodyweight or more.

Fitness Isn’t Just for the Fit

Fitness isn’t just for the fit, or the young, or the “able-bodied”. Fitness is for everybody. It can help protect us from disease, improve our balance and prevent falls, repair our injuries, lift us out of depression and prolong our lives. If you have a special physical limitation and feel a traditional elliptical or treadmill or exercise bike isn’t right for you, consider the many benefits of a NuStep® exercise machine.

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