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ElliptiGo ARC

This is what you’ve been waiting for – a new, lighter, more affordable elliptical bike that delivers the comfortable, fun workout experience you expect from ElliptiGO.
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The ElliptiGO Arc, our newest bike, features a sleek aluminum frame, eight gears and a compact elliptical stride that provides a fantastic low-impact workout experience. Our lightest, most affordable bike, the Arc is the perfect entry point to the comfort and fun of elliptical cycling.



Fantastic Riding Experience 

  • Comfortable: Reduces neck, back and seat pain through its natural “stand up” position
  • Fun to ride: Delivers a quick, nimble ride with its compact stride elliptical motion
  • Low-impact: Reduces the pounding on your joints
  • Great visibility: Higher riding position makes you more visible and makes it easier for you to see motorists, pedestrians and other riders


Great Workout 

  • Fat burner: Burns 33% more calories than a bike, providing a better workout in less time
  • Full-body conditioning: Engages your core and upper body in addition to your legs
  • Weight-bearing exercise: Increases your heart rate and builds bone density


Tremendous Versatility 

  • Multiple fit settings: Fits riders from 5’0” to 6’6” with quick, easy adjustments
  • Adjustable foot positioning: Keeps your feet comfortable without being locked in
  • Portable: Fits inside most vehicles with its removable steering column
  • Wide gear range: Helps you climb steep hills and sprint up to 25 mph


Key Features

  • Lowest-priced elliptical bike on the market
  • 8-speed derailleur
  • Compact-stride elliptical path
  • 14-inch fixed stride length
  • Removable steering extender
  • Quick-release front wheel
  • Primarily engages quadriceps
  • Intended for rides 90 minutes or less
  • Limited to outdoor use only 




Manufacture Defects Warranty: 1 Year

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