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Give The Gift of Health with Home Gym Equipment This Holiday Season

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Every year millions of people head to the stores (or online) to purchase holiday gifts for their loved ones. The truth is that many of these gifts aren’t exactly what you want. Whether it’s a sweater or a fruitcake, many adults are obligated to pretend like they like all their gifts. It seems that children are the only ones that always get what they want for the holidays, within reason.

How to Stay Fit Through the Holiday Season

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Each year millions of Americans sit down and make a list of New Year’s resolutions. Some of the most common resolutions involve getting in shape in one way, shape, or form. Many people commit to going to the gym more (or starting to go), eating better, and doing various other things to improve their physical wellbeing.

The Many Advantages of Having Your Own Exercise Equipment

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Most of us have done it at some point. After reading about the latest fitness fad, hearing about a trendy new fitness studio from a friend, or maybe even getting a warning from our doctor about shedding a few pounds, we race down to our local gym and commit ourselves to a membership.

Benefits to Having Your Own Exercise Equipment

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If you’ve decided to start working out, you are likely wondering about whether to exercise at home or at a gym. The truth is that, once you’ve considered what pieces you actually need,having your own exercise equipment can provide you with a host of benefits.

Fitness and Exercise Machine Myths Debunked: The Truth About Workouts

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Whether you are working out on home fitness equipment or at a gym, it is not uncommon for you to hear tips and tricks from your friends, co-workers, and fellow gym members. While some of these might be true, in many cases the vast majority of the tips you are told may only be partially true or not accurate at all.

5 Steps to Creating an Affordable Home Gym

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When most people think about setting up a home gym, their initial thoughts might picture a weight bench with free weights and dumbbells in a dark, dank basement or off to one side in a cluttered and dusty garage. While these are certainly areas in which you could design a home gym, you will want to give them a modern update to get the most out of your workouts.

Four Non-Running Treadmill Workouts for Home

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Many people are under the impression that the only use for a treadmill is plain, old running. Truthfully, that outlook is wrong! With a little creativity and pizzazz, it’s possible to create entire workouts based on this sole machine--workouts you’re sure to love. So challenge yourself (safely) with these four fantastic non-running treadmill workout tips.

Don’t Make These Common Elliptical Workout Mistakes

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A lot of avid workout enthusiasts seem to have a love-hate relationship with the elliptical. It’s joked about as being a torturous contraption but at the same time is hailed as being a device guaranteed to give you great results - especially cardiovascularly. That said, many people tend to hop onto the elliptical for the first time and walk away feeling more sore or spent than they need to. For best results, and to turn this into a love-love relationship, do your best to avoid these common mistakes.

How to Finance Fitness Equipment in 3 Easy Steps

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Many people forgo buying fitness equipment because they don’t have the large lump sum of cash to afford it. Some people save up before they can purchase just one piece of equipment to incorporate into their home gym. While this is fine, it’s often easier to finance your new equipment rather than waiting for months to access it. These three easy steps detail how to find and finance your new equipment the right way.

Best Free Workout Resources of 2017

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We all know how it feels to be time-crunched, especially when it comes to squeezing a workout into your day. Sometimes, it can feel like an impossibility to add a trip to the gym or a personal training session into the equation. The good news is that working out at home is easy when you use the internet as your guide. With these five free websites, you'll be sweating away the pounds and staying motivated in no time.